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We take pride in delivering excellent quality pecan trees and delivering exceptional supporting services.

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Our Pecan Nursery

All seeds planted in our pecan nursery are of the Ukulinga cultivar on account of its well-developed system of strong roots.

Budding trees with the different pecan cultivars is performed 100% inhouse by our skilled team of cultivators.

Pecan trees offered for sale are between 3-4 years of age and sorted according to size ranging from medium to extra large.

Tree size is determined by measuring the diameter of the new growth two inches above the budding mark.

The normal planting season for bare root trees will be from early July till the end of September.

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Tolnut nursery provides the following Pecan Cultivars

Western Schley

Tolnut is an associated member of the South African Pecan Producers Association (SAPPA) and is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) Reg. no: 78440001.

Hedging and Pruning Services

Hedging Services

Hedging and Chipping

Boost your orchard’s yield with our hedging and chipping services. We use proven techniques to help trees grow well, get more sunlight, and keep the soil healthy.

Supported by a chipper, which we use to cover the soil for a strong structure.

Benefits of hedging

Boosts Fruit Production
Stimulates Dense Growth
Increases Sunlight Penetration
Improves Air Circulation
Pruning services

Tree Pruning

Get access to expert pruning teams nationwide. The service is tailored to your needs and techniques are optimised according to each tree’s age.

Plus, optional chipping gets rid of waste so and provides healthy organic ground cover between plant rows.

Benefits of pruning

Boosts Fruit Production
Stimulates Dense Growth
Increases Sunlight Penetration
Improves Air Circulation

About Us

Tolnut is proud to announce substantial growth in the past decade, becoming a well-established company serving clients from seedlings to mature 50-year-old trees.

During our growth, we’ve found industry gaps and conducted needs assessments with existing clients to ensure comprehensive coverage for pecan farmers.

Our offerings include the wholesale supply of exceptionally high-quality pecan trees, specialising in bare root trees—the method for producing a pecan orchard that delivers superior-quality pecan trees.

At Tolnut, we strive to supply top-tier Pecan trees and extend additional operational services like hedging and pruning—ensuring a strong foundation for orchards and the production of top-quality, high-yield fruits.

We’re a family-operated business situated in Vaalharts, in the idyllic Northern Cape Province, in the heart of South Africa’s pecan nut industry.

Additional services

Our nursery does more than just sell high-quality pecan trees, we help nurture their growth in the years that follow.

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Budding Services

We offer budding services, provided by our trained team of specialists, to nurseries and private individuals. Our outstanding success rate and excellent trading record are a testament to our team’s budding ability.

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